When you feel to give up; KEEP GOING!!!

You ever had a hero? A role model? An individual that is seemingly perfect? Someone you stive to be like for whatever reason?
Most people have someone they look up to, but I would hope very few have the opportunity to see said role model break down. When this perfect individual you hold on a platform is balling and there isn’t anything you can do, it’s horrible. I had this opportunity, and this is a story of a 2 year perspective change on hard times in my life.
Going through highschool; at least once a month I thought the world was ending and crumbling around me. I never knew how hard growing up would end up being at this point I my life.
My role model was my boss. He had almost every trait I wanted to become. And on a dreadfully windy day we had a potentially crippling disaster at work. We pulled up, assessed the damage and called who we needed to come and fix the problem. While we waited for the Calvary to arrive, my boss and I sat in his truck finishing up our breakfast. “I don’t know what to do Brayden” “profits on this job are already low, we lost one of the other crew members this week I don’t have a replacement for him yet, this disaster happens” I just sat there in silence. He continued “My house payment is to high, my wife’s business startup is maxed out on the credit card and I can’t pay it off, my truck needs a couple thousand in repairs, our kid is on the way, our jobs aren’t making enough money, a smaller crew is going to hurt our profit even more, and I’m going to pay a ton for this mistake. And to top it off I have a chest cold so bad I can’t breathe and it’s making everything that much harder…I don’t know what to do Brayden… I don’t know if I can go on anymore” halfway through the rant the tears started rolling down his face.
I didn’t know what to do so continually I just sat there in frozen silence. The rest of the crew members showed up and it ended up being an extremely easy fix and didn’t cost us much at all. We made it through the day and another year before I moved on to a different company.
2 years later from that day, I called my old boss and asked if he wanted a bunch of material my job was throwing away, He would be saving it from the dumpster. He came over to get the material and once we got done moving material over to his truck we caught up for a minute. He had sold the house that me and him had built together for an INSANE profit!!! He was able to pay of ALL his debt, his wife’s business was booming, he made some additional upgrades to his truck, his kids were doing good, business was hopping. His life had completely turned around from the day he thought he was done forever.
It wasn’t until about a week later when I remembered the dreadful day a little over 2 Years ago. He was Soo close to giving up. He was burnt out, he had nothing left. But he kept going. He kept pushing. He gave life all he had. And eventually life gave back to him.

When you feel to give up; keep going.

Life can only drop you so low. One day you will hit rock bottom. And the absolute best part about rock bottom is it can only lead to going up. So when you feel like you’ve got nothing left and life is smushing you on to the ground. Cancel the pity party. It’s time to get up and go. Get back on top. You got this. KEEP GOING! IT WILL GET BETTER!

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