How marriage affected my career

Brayden Burrell. As of date I am 20 years old, married, with a 1 year old daughter, working in what I plan to be my career.
When I was 12 years old I had a milk cow I milled at 4Am and 5 PM every single day. I started working construction at the age of 14. By the time I was 16 I was working framing full time while in high school. On graduation day I woke up extra early just to get to work instead of graduation, and get a head start on the day. I remember the blue sky with the radio blaring my favorite music, I was laying subfloor all by myself a project that generally takes a crew of 2 or 3. I couldn’t believe it! Here I was, finally, working as a grown up. I had felt like I made a massive accomplishment of getting a job making more money than the majority of my high school. I had always known I was a hard worker but I wasn’t really sure how much I could push myself.
I started dating my wife towards the end of high school and married her that winter after and it was the best choice I could have ever made. Did I grow up to quick? Did I get married to quick? Maybe. But maybe not.
The day I found out my wife was pregnant it changed everything for me; I went from running across 2×6 walls 14 feet of the ground to being shaky on a ladder 6 feet of the ground. Being married gave me a sense of purpose but nothing like the thought of having a child. Thinking about needing to provide for a little person, MY little person…. I needed to do more. 13 dollars an hour just wasn’t going to cut it. So I moved on to trying to get a management job, but every day I was unsuccessful I grew ever so panicky of not being prepared for a child. So I moved on to being a concrete finisher. Everyone told me,” be careful, that will break down your body, that will wear you down.” I didn’t care, it was a huge pay raise that was going to make some huge changes for me.
And just a few weeks later… I realized how right everybody was. Waking up at 1 and 2 AM and going to school at nights was suuuuuppper hard! It left my hand split and bleeding. My finger nails would peel away from my finger tips, my hands and my forearms would ache so bad I wanted to cry and sometimes I did. And every night my wife would rub lotion on my hands and rub out all the cramps. One day I got a phone call from one of the jobs I had applied to over 2 months ago.
I jumped at the opportunity. The problem was a had 0 experience in what they needed. The day after my interview I got a call saying I had been hired. They picked me!! The first day the HR lady told me they created this position just for me because they were desperate for new guys. First day on the job site I had no clue what I was doing. 1st week, still no clue. 1st month, I had just a little clue. Almost exactly 1 year later I worked a straight 35 hours after already working 50 hours that week. Turn over day was there and I didn’t quite make the deadline. The whole night my wife sent me encouraging texts and gave me incessant motivation to keep going.
People still tell me that I am to young, I should have waited. I think not! There is absolutely nothing that could have motivated me the way my family did. If it wasn’t for my wife and child, without a doubt I would never be where I am now.

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